Saturday, September 4, 2021

My Contribution - a short comedy about a tech job interview

A few years ago I wrote "My Contribution," a short play about a tech job interview. It was given a staged reading at the 2017 Playwrights' Center of San Francisco's Playoff. I believe that it is not yet dated, although I hoped it would be by now.

The play reflects some ideas I had back when I wrote a series of posts on what I called, for lack of a better name, the Morris Number.  They begin here.

I also entered My Contribution in a play contest.  They were seeking slightly longer plays so I added some monologue rants for the main character to present after the play ended.  One rant is about landlines and one is about TWGLCMs (pronounced twiggle-kim), an acronym I had explained here. In the rant, however, I added a Y: TWGLYCM (twiggly-kim).  Why?  Read the play.

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